New: SFPE student chapter at University of Edinburgh

The SFPE Student Chapter of The University of Edinburgh was set up to promote fire safety engineering as a global profession, expand opportunities for students based in Scotland and form strong connections with other chapters around the world to enable knowledge transfer and international opportunities.


The aim of the chapter is to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering and related fields through regular meetings to discuss and improve fire research at the University and engagement with industry to enhance the quality and relevance of work. Students are also encouraged to become involved in fire safety engineering early in their undergraduate studies.


If you wish to become a member, please register on the SFPE website ( and add in the chapter section: The University of Edinburgh Student Chapter. Registration for students is free and all members are free to attend and welcome to participate.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do or getting involved with some fire safety engineering activities, please visit our webpage ( or twitter account (@SfpeUoe) or contact one of our committee members.”