CPD 6 March 2019 - London @ Imperical College

SFPE UK Chapter meeting at Imperial College London

Date:                    6. March. 2019, Wednesday

Time:                    17.30 – 18.30 followed by networking over food and drink

Venue:                 Room 664, Level 6, City and Guilds Buildings, South Kensington Campus, Imperial               College London, SW7 2BX

The way to enter the campus is via Exhibition Road, about 100 m North of the Science Museum. Closest tube station is South Kensington. City and Guilds Building is the home of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and is opposite to the School of Business.         

Contact:              If you require any help in finding or accessing the venue, please call +44750664560.

Notes:                  The event consist of three 20 min talks. The abstract of each talk is given below.


  1. Can Science Save the Desktop Study for Facade Flammability? by Mathew Bonner
  2. The benefits of computational pyrolysis modelling to the fire safety of tall timber buildings. by Franz Richter
  3. The need of Heat Transfer Models to design Bridge Cables under Fire. by Francesca Lugaresi