Award Winners Announced

The Executive Board are pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural SFPE UK Chapter Awards:

SFPE UK Chapter - Best Fire Engineering Strategy 2015 Winner: Andrew Nicholson  - Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Described by the judges as: “An excellent fire engineering strategy with particularly unique challenges, great architectural merits, design and craftsmanship and a range of outstanding features. Turning a 17th Century design into a successful 21st Century fire engineering strategy, surmounting all of the varied obstacles involved in such a task, is a commendable achievement and is a brilliant demonstration of the value of Fire Engineers in “engineering a fire safe world”.”  This was a well-deserved winner of the award.

  • SFPE UK Chapter - Best Fire Research Project 2015 (Sponsored by H+H Fire)



This was a highly competitive award, and to reflect the quality of the entrants the Judges agreed to add a high commended award to the competition at the AGM:

Winner: Ms Egle Rackauskaite - Improved Travelling Fires for the Structural Design of Modern Buildings

Co-applicants: Dr Guillermo Rein and Dr Panos Kotsovinos

With Judges comment’s like “Great piece of research with practical applications” and “Very interesting subject deserves more research in this area” it is a clear winner and H+H are proud to provide the primary applicant with a cheque for £500 to further their research.

The highly commended award went to:

Highly Commended: Declan Thomson - A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Different External Fire Spread Calculation Methods

 This work attracted judges’ comments like “This research project delved into an area of Fire Engineering that is in need of further exploration and it was very interesting to see this summary of what appears to have been a comprehensive literature review that poses questions that all Fire Engineers should take careful notice of.” and was worthy of special commendation.

 All primary applicants will receive a SFPE UK Chapter trophy to decorate their office.

The competition has opened for the 2016 awards. A copy of the rules can be obtained by contacting the Secretary.